Modded Madness

You can control what happens on the Minecraft modded server

Anything in RED happens to EVERYONE on the server

Anything in Blue is NEW

1 Spawn pig with your name (1% chance to spawn charged creeper)
3 Play the creeper hiss sound
5 Give me random iron tool
10 Throw both items from my hand
12 Spawn 3 Sheep
15 Chickens!
20 Give me extreme speed and jump height
25 Give me 25 cooked beef
30 Spawn random group of ore at my feet
35 Spawn a tamed wolf
40 Make me blind and give me levitation for 5 seconds
45 Spawn wood below me
50 Give me a random OP item
55 Make all nearby mobs poop diamonds
60 Turn all nearby chickens into pigs
69 Make it rain cats and dogs
70 Give Stack of Experience Bottles
75 Cant jump for 30 seconds
80 Throw entire inventory on ground
90 Spawn zombie with a YEET stick (stronger)
100 Summon a stray with bow
105 Delete the items in my hands
110 Random potion effect on players
120 Spawn a Shulker on the player
125 Chickens around me get struck by lightning
130 Baby zombie riding a killer bunny
140 Spawn 5 cave spiders
150 Turn all nearby creepers into chickens
160 Spawn 4 Baby Zombies riding Bees
175 YEET all NPCs to the sky
200 The Phantom Menace (spawn 2 phantoms anytime)
210 Kit me in full diamond gear (please)
225 Turn all logs and planks around me into obsidian
250 Shuffle everything in the Inventory
270 Spawn 2 Charged Creepers Riding Zoglins
275 Randomly teleport me 200 blocks away
290 4x Baby zombies riding Bees and 10 bee army
300 Cage match with YEET Zombies
325 Spawn 5 skeleton Horse traps
350 Spawn 3 blaze in the NETHER
375 Pillar me to the sky
400 Summon 101 pigs
425 Spawn 3 wither skeletons
450 Delete my hot bar
475 Zombie Cavalry (5 zombies on zombie horse)
500 Turn all nearby pigs into creepers
530 Spawn 10 Pillagers with crossbows
550 Spawn a 50 Husk army
(chance to drop sand on death)
600 Spawn 3 Ghasts in the NETHER
700 Spawn 50 witch’s
750 YEET me to the sky
900 Cage match with 5 Blaze
1000 Set world spawn and current spawn to current location
1500 Delete ENTIRE inventory and surround me in lava
2000 Spawn 100 Charged Creepers around me
3000 Spawn a Ravager and 3 Pillagers
5000 Instant Death for Player
10000 Spawn 3 withers

Host: Spawn a Baby zombie or a skeleton
Follow: Spawn a llama, parrot, mooshroom, polarbear, cow, bee, horse, turtle, ocelot, fox, panda or rabbit with your name and some fireworks

Tier 1 Sub: Spawn 1 skeleton per month subbed
Tier 2 Sub: Spawn a Vindicator per month subbed
Tier 3 Sub: Spawn an Evoker per month subbed

Tier 1 Gift Sub: Spawn 3 Zombies per gift sub
Tier 2 Gift Sub: Spawn a Vindicator per gift sub
Tier 3 Gift Sub: Spawn an Evoker per gift sub

RAID: Spawn a Baby Zombie per raider

1.00 anvil on head
3.00 Random enchanted item
4.00 tp to 225 blocks in the air and give an elytra and rockets
5.00 spawn 10 endermen
6.00 spawn 3 Ghasts in the NETHER
20.00 Spawn 3 blaze riding enderman, riding creeper, riding zombie, riding spider.
100.00 or above, spawns player inside Hollow 6x6x6 tnt with 4 creepers inside and then Spawns the Ender Dragon (kerboom)

Channel points (power paw points)
100 Give Torches
150 Give 16 lanterns
150 Give 16 Soul Lanterns
200 Give Enderpearls
300 Give 2 stacks of rockets
400 Give gold Full Gear
500 Slap face
500 make it day
500 Posture check
500 Heal
600 Give op Bow and one Arrow
750 Cat Army (spawns all variety’s of cat)
1000 hydrate
1000 make it night
2000 Give a random potion effect (good and bad)
3000 Give Full set enchanted armour
5000 spawn a zombie
10000 give an elytra